There are a number of ways to be involved at Whittemore Baptist Church.
Sunday School


Provides an opportunity to plug into a smaller group with people that are in similar positions in life.

Children's Ministry and Teen Youth Group


Provides opportunities for children, helping them to learn and apply God's Word through summer VBS, Sunday school and Master Clubs, and through special activities designed just for them. We have church vans running on both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to pick up children who would like to be a part of these things.

Community Events


On a regular basis, our church sponsors activities for the community so that those around us can see in us a church that cares and that wants to be a good neighbor.

Choir and Special Music


Use your musical abilities to be a blessing during our church services.

Handyman Ministry


Use your abilities, or simply offer your time to help keep our buildings looking great and to help those in our church that have special needs.

Outreach Ministries


Be involved in specific, organized efforts to reach others in the community with the message of the Gospel..

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